eLGG: Connected

A friend asked me to look-up eLGG. And just the first hour has been an interesting one. It is often called the ‘myspace’ of eLearning, I think it has a possibility much wider than that.

Like most things related to eLearning, that is another wait and watch scenario. With less than a ten-thousand members, I guess it is still nascent (which brings up the question, how many people in this world, really, excluding students, would be connected to the education space? Whatever your number, that is the potential for eLGG)

“Elgg is all about a learner-centred, learner-controlled space in which you choose the connections, the resources and the communities you want to participate in,” says David Tosh, one of its creators. Read the entire article here

Now, include the learners. A possibility of a very strong, serious learning space. This is my page on eLGG – I still have to find a way to to make the page accesible if you aren’t logged in. But then, if you have an interest in education, why not join and find out?

PS: According to the logo, it should be eLGG, however, everyone refers to it as Elgg. And I still have to find what it means. I know we can make a few guesses…

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