Changing Face of .edu

Raju Rishi makes an interesting comment about how the student community is “Always Connected, But Hard to Reach“. The article is a good read if you are interested in the administrative side of eLearning (management of the eLearning process?). What caught my attention is:

And that last bastion of institutional communication—the .edu portal—has arguably given way to social sites like MySpace, Facebook, or Daily Jolt. College and university administrators no longer own the communication channels central to student life. They can, however, learn to become vital participants in the communication methods that students prefer.

This is very interesting (if the college and university administrators do wake up to it) given that Facebook is now open to third-party developers and will become a more vibrant and dynamic place to be. What would be even more interesting is if Facebook allows custom implementations like what the ELGG is doing. In-house implementations linking to the facebook portal. You would think that the Facebook Platform does this, however, it talks more of developing applications on Facebook.

That will change the face of the .edu Portal.

PS: Come to think of it – this is an opportunity for ELGG!


2 thoughts on “Changing Face of .edu

  1. I think it would make sense for the student community to start a blog indicating exactly what they would want from MySpace, Facebook etc., then pass the details onto the decision makers. Another surefire way to get someone listening, is to get some students to actually participate in the development process, they could also end up with a good job!

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