Facebook LMS

In his post, Facebook for eLearning evaluations – testing, Brent Schlenker wonders if the TV Trivia Quiz application on Facebook can be made available for subjects like Astronomy and Geography.

Basically what we have is multiple choice testing with feedback. The other cool thing is that the community gets to make up the questions. Now how cool is that? You can also ask a friend…I like that feature. I wonder if we could ask the developers to make it opensource so that any content/topic could be used? Astromony? Geography?

What’s more interesting is the sub-title to his post – One step closer to the Facebook LMS.

Which does bring up yet another interesting question – what stops LMS-kind of products (especially the open-source kinds) to build social networks a la Facebook? The answer is but obvious – why would the ‘student community’ move from Facebook and leave all its cool apps like superlatives, poke apps, likenesses, and such.

And assuming Facebook did evolve into the LMS that we all think is a possibility, what stand would the educational institutes take – given the privacy issues with Facebook?


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