Organisational 2.0 Skins

It is interesting to note that the 2.0 concept is permeating organisations and organisational thinking. People are thinking about it. I read with great interest, this article by Dion Hinchcliffe, which I found via George Siemens’ post about “The State of Enterprise 2.0” on his elearnspace blog. George’s blog is a very interesting place to go – everyday!

Then, today I noticed this post on Harold Jarache‘s blog about the two versions of businesses that exist today.

Exhibit A:“There are firewalls and silos to stay inside of. There are lines of authority to conform to and procedures to execute. There are consequences for stepping out of line, going around someone or finding loopholes in the policies. There are scripts for handling phone calls, policies for handling exceptions and rules for procedural compliance.”

Exhibit B:“Networks may function with routers to redirect linear transmissions through a past of least resistance. Networks support search and find processes that come up with unforeseen options. Networks reconfigure themselves to accommodate changes. They do not go on hold because local resources are tied up. They do not overtax a reliable node and fail to spread the challenge system wide. They get things done by letting the network do its thing.”

I notice this too, the inertia in transformation, or, to extend Harold’s thoughts, ‘shed the body of the dinosaur’. All noticeable changes are just “layers of skin” in most organisations, one wiki layered over another blog over another closed social network.

It will be some time before the constitution changes. Perhaps Lesson #7 in Dion’s article, then is most important:

Your organization will begin to change in new ways because of Enterprise 2.0. Be ready.


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