Mandatory eLearning

An interesting article at Inside Higher-ed.

“Starting this fall, all students at Northwest State Community College, in Archbold, Ohio, will be required to take at least one online course to graduate.

More than 60 percent of last year’s graduates already took one or more online courses, but administrators and college trustees want all students to be well versed in independent research and discovery — skills that employers demand, they say — and feel that online education is one way to accomplish that.”: Making Online Learning Mandatory :: Inside Higher Ed :: Higher Education’s Source for News, and Views and Jobs

What I found interesting is that instead of citing the usual worn-out and done-to-death-cliched reasons for implementing eLearning, the next paragraph says:

“Businesses are moving toward online training, and students have to learn to be self-motivated,” said Linda Carr, chief learning officer at the college. “In the workplace, you are responsible for doing what you need to do on your own time.”

The case for eLearning is refreshing. Moving a course to an online format for the benefit of saving money or accessing a larger market, the case becomes more business-specific. Which is interesting because the college recognises that eLearning is more than just another mode of learning. It is almost a life-skill required in the world of work and business.

Will this affect the way courses will be designed? Will interfaces have to evolve to include means and methods of enhancing study-skills for eLearning?


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