Blog Overlap? Perhaps

I started a new blog with great amount of apprehension. Another education blog, so to speak. I already have this blog – which in spite of it’s vague description (more due to its evolution) and all-inclusiveness has tended to be blog related to education, nevertheless.

I have recently started pursuing my MA in Education from IGNOU. Along with the obvious excitement of putting in some structure all that I think I already know (and of course finding out that I don’t really know), I was equally excited about being in the experiment of evaluating the use of online tools in an educational setting — as against observing the practice of the use of these tools as a non-participating entity. I think that makes a difference

I had to start that off with a blog.

Also, though I have great respect for IGNOU, this institute has a long way to go. So, the objectives for this new blog are two-fold: one, to get my learning online and see how it really works, and two, to share my experience of a distance education course and the institution itself.

To my mind these two blogs will have a certain level of overlap, but for now, I am going with this overlap. This one has got more to do with the business of education, as such, while the new one is specific to the course and the institution.

The MA (Education) blog is at


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