PPP in Indian Education

Rather than a simple listing of models — currently there are over 30 variants within the broader literature on PPPs in infrastructure — what would be timely and helpful is for the MHRD to set out how the investment of the private sector in schools would operate in relation to the current flow of government educational funds from the level of district, to block- and cluster-level institutions. The implications for ownership of schools in the note on PPP aren’t clear — and this when we already have the categories of government, government-aided private and unaided private schools in usage. Under the new models being proposed by the MHRD, would it be the case that if a private organisation takes over the entire educational operation of a school, it’d change its status from a government school to a private school (through an opting out of the state system for new academies, as is being suggested by David Cameron’s government)? Also, if private finance was only for the upkeep of the building, would it create a new category of private-aided government schools? Via Let’s go by the book – Hindustan Times

The MHRD is really in a fix trying to decide the manner in which they would like private participation in education. The article lists the three “broad” ways in which private enterprises may choose to participate, however, the government is stuck hard on the premise that education needs to be run by the state.


One thought on “PPP in Indian Education

  1. I have so much to say about this that I wish I was on a call with you.
    Anyway.. I have worked on the Nali Kali method and I must tell you it is one of the most interactive and brilliant ideas that I have come across.
    Having worked with state run schools in TN and the Andamans I have come to understand that you DO NOT need money for supporting the existing schools . What you do need resources for are to create more new schools for education to be imparted. (so that we don’t have a 100 kids sitting in one classroom )
    Adopting the Nali Kali method requires some investment with resources.. but becomes cheaper once its set up. Also its so mmuch fun and provides an extremely strong foundation of basic concepts .
    Also accountability is a huge issue.. irrespective of pvt or state run schools..( I could tell you stories on this) This is probably where we need an “empowered” group of parents, educationists, reps from govt. This would solve all the money issues in these schools. I can tell you funds is the last thing we as educators need to worry about.

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