A Sane Voice in the Noise

Someone seems to have understood it!

When the laptop goes to the head – Views – livemint.com: “What we want from advanced technology is that it should enhance educational productivity. But just as often, if these studies are any indication, they enhance procrastination and delay. In this way, technology is no panacea and can actually be a distraction. A student’s character is what really counts.

And that’s what should worry us about the techno-boosterism. It distracts us from the real obstacles to educational achievement.

(Emphasis, mine)

This is one sane voice in the $35 noise.

The most interesting questions being asked about the $35 tablet are the ones that are the most difficult to find. So far, I’ve found only one pertinent question, to which I added a few of my own thoughts.

It amuses me to an extent that all the arguments, counter-arguments for this low-cost device are only about how this device will come to market, about how the government is making a PR exercise of it all, and how impractical it is. What’s more interesting is, no one from the education field is questioning the educational raison d’être for the device.

We seem to be in a hurry to build the hardware with no concern for the software.


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