The Indian Tablet Triangle

Three Indian tablet devices are gathering newsworthiness.

Triangles @ Base

“At least three different gadgets — all tablet PCs — have captured the imagination of geeks across the globe in the past few weeks. Two of the devices are staking claims to becoming the lowest-priced tablet PCs, while the other is a stunner that promises to take on the best in the game.” (Via The Hindu : Sci-Tech / Gadgets : Indian hardware market abuzz with tablet PCs)

Sakshat: The much talked about and debated $35 device announced by the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development, recently. There has been significant debate on this device – primarily concerning the ability of the government to keep the cost within the limits of what was announced.

Adam: The iPad killer (but then, which device isn’t). The website (under construction is at, but you will find more information on their blog. With a price range of $399 to $498, it seems targeted to the retail segment, and the news is that it may not be launched in India, to begin with.

Stamp: Relatively unknown, so far, the i.MX233 based STAMP (Specs and Video) platform from AllGo is the third platform that is in the low cost segment. Pegged in the $50 range, this device is expected to make its debut, primarily in the B2B segment and they are not ruling out education.

I hope I am soon able to write a similar post about folks who are thinking right about creating content and services around the platform.


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