Tracking Innovation in Education

George Siemens plans to start a website to track innovation in education around the world. I have signed up to help the ‘trendspotting’ exercise. Here’s the ethos of that website:

Education has an uneasy relationship with businesses. I tried, unsuccessfully, to communicate that I viewed entrepreneurs as risk takers who take ownership of an idea or concept and strive to produce systemic impact. Certainly there is a financial component to the process, but I’m more interested in people generating and testing out new ideas. With full recognition that entrepreneurial activity and education do not share the same ideals and values, I find the need for innovation in education to outweigh this conflict. And I don’t see suitable or viable models for new idea generation and broad implementation outside of entrepreneurship.

Visit the link below for more information and the link to the Google Group, if you’d like to join in!

(Via elearnspace › The urgent need for education/learning tech entrepreneurs)


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