NYC tech takes on the classroom | Crain’s New York Business

New boost for interactive content:

Partly spurred by its concentration of intellectual talent, New York is also becoming a hotbed of innovation in educational technology. Venture capital investment in education-related startups in the metro area totaled $95 million in 2011β€”an 84% spike over the prior year, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers/National Venture Capital Association. The number of startups receiving investment money rose to 14, up from eight in 2010.In the long run, newfangled interactive textbooks like the ones Apple and its publishing partners previewed last Thursday are likely to be a minor aspect of education’s digital revolution. But Apple’s entry is certainly helping the revolution along.

All doesn’t seem to be well, however:

In the fourth quarter, VC financing in the New York area plunged 40%, compared with the prior quarter, to $545.1 million.

But experts say the tech-education industry is just getting started. The U.S. business for e-learning products and services in the pre-K to 12-and-higher education markets will grow to $11 billion in 2015, from $7.6 billion in 2011, according to research firm Ambient Insight.

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The Indian Tablet Triangle

Three Indian tablet devices are gathering newsworthiness.

Triangles @ Base

“At least three different gadgets β€” all tablet PCs β€” have captured the imagination of geeks across the globe in the past few weeks. Two of the devices are staking claims to becoming the lowest-priced tablet PCs, while the other is a stunner that promises to take on the best in the game.” (Via The Hindu : Sci-Tech / Gadgets : Indian hardware market abuzz with tablet PCs)

Sakshat: The much talked about and debated $35 device announced by the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development, recently. There has been significant debate on this device – primarily concerning the ability of the government to keep the cost within the limits of what was announced.

Adam: The iPad killer (but then, which device isn’t). The website (under construction is at, but you will find more information on their blog. With a price range of $399 to $498, it seems targeted to the retail segment, and the news is that it may not be launched in India, to begin with.

Stamp: Relatively unknown, so far, the i.MX233 based STAMP (Specs and Video) platform from AllGo is the third platform that is in the low cost segment. Pegged in the $50 range, this device is expected to make its debut, primarily in the B2B segment and they are not ruling out education.

I hope I am soon able to write a similar post about folks who are thinking right about creating content and services around the platform.